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Rumbling Storms and Starry Nights
I'm an asexual Dragonkin. Also a batkin/ ghostkin! Feel free to ask questions or just talk. You can call me Sulfur or Nate heh



I should say, this is my “otherkin” blog! Well, Otherkin and related things haha!

You can call me Nate or Sulfur (which ever you’d think is easier!) and i am a dragon in a human’s body! I know, i know, WOWEE it must be cool being a dragon while staying in a compact and thus convenient human body, huh? 

But, unfortunately, it’s more like, i’m an acid-breathing, magical dragon, with absolutely zero perks of being one.  

Not to mention, since i’ve been avoiding the thought until recently, i have no idea what kind of dragon i am aside from being one that can breath sulfuric acid. I’m sure it’ll come to me soon though! 

I guess that’s all that we need to know for now, huh!

Of course, if you have any questions do feel free to come and talk to me!

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